Outsourcing Solution for IT Recruitment Consultants

As an IT Recruitment Consultant, how do you deal with requests for short term contract placements?
If the request is for a couple of days then is it worth your while hunting for contractors to put forward?
While you would probably do this for a good client, your time may be better used elsewhere.

If you are looking for Microsoft software developers, then codeWorthy has an outsourcing solution to this problem.

codeWorthy provides services for the following Microsoft software development technologies:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
    • Web Applications
    • Windows Applications
    • VB.Net
    • C#

We focus on developing software and databases for business using the Microsoft technologies list above and we provide services for New Applications and for Modifications, Maintenance and Support.
We are based in Melbourne, but we frequently work in other states, if you have a requirement outside Melbourne then please call and we will discuss whether we can help you.
Our staff who are available for this service are local full time employees.

Benefits to You (Recruiting Consultant)

With our outsourcing service you can:

  • More easily accept small jobs.
  • Reduce your effort (and therefore cost) of processing small jobs.
  • “Change the rules” and cut out other recruiters.
  • Speed up the sales process.
  • Provide a better solution to your client.

To assist you with this service:

  • We can do a presales call to the client if you required. This presales call will be at no charge and no obligation to you. We will visit the client in person if possible, but if not then via phone.
  • We will refer all future requests from the client back through you.
  • We can provide your client with on-going support and maintenance with the minimum of administrative input from you.
  • We can take on jobs ranging from a couple of hours to months of work.

Benefits to Your Client

  • We can offer a single resource or multiple staff; if multiple then
    • It will be an existing team, so no time is wasted on team orientation.
    • The multiple people will have different skills at different rates. So instead of paying top rate for a single contractor who can do client liaison AND specifications, AND programming AND testing; your client can have a team that comprises people with these skills and only pay rates relevant to each skill.
    • Multiple people have knowledge of the client’s system, so future maintenance is easier.
  • We are experts at what we do, so no learning on the client’s time.
  • We can provide on-going support and maintenance. Whereas with a single contractor you may struggle to provide the same contractor on demand at a later date.

Contact codeWorthy for further details.

Call Mike on (03) 9533 2414 or 0419 391 555