Databases are the core of everything that we create at codeWorthy. Regardless of the business application a database is needed to store the information entered by the users. The formal structure of the database facilitates logical and efficient storage and retrieval of the data.

At codeWorthy we focus on Microsoft technologies so naturally our databases of choice are Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access.

Microsoft SQL Server is an “industrial strength” database suitable for corporate databases with thousands of users down to workgroup databases with just a few users.  SQL Server is the preferred database for development in Microsoft Visual Studio (whether creating applications for Windows or for the Web).

Microsoft Access is a workgroup database suitable to single users or small workgroups.  Access also includes set of tools for creating a user interface (data entry forms and a programming language) and one of the best report writing tools available today.  The main advantages of developing in Access is the speed with which applications can be created and the ease of changing the application to meet meet the needs of today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Give us a call on (03) 9533 2414 if you’re looking for help from a Microsoft SQL Server developer or a Microsoft Access developer. If you are in Melbourne then we would be happy to visit you to discuss your requirements.

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